Welcome to Schnieder Construction

Schneider Construction specializes in high-end residential remodeling and custom home construction. Whether we are supervising a small remodel, or building a custom estate, our success stems largely from a dedication to two factors: organization and communication. Schneider Construction features the following specialty services:

  • Residential Remodeling
  • Custom Kitchen Design & Remodeling
  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Commercial Space Remodeling
  • Residential Additions
  • Hardscape Construction
  • Landscape Construction
  • Custom Bathroom Design & Remodeling
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Construction
  • New Home Construction
  • All Schneider projects are assigned a supervisor from the initial survey through to project completion.

    On-site personnel carry cell phones, Black Berry PDA computers, and laptops – making all Schneider Construction supervisors and project managers available at any time throughout the project. We go to extraordinary lengths to insure that each job flows smoothly, efficiently, and on budget.

    Our unwavering attention to the business side of building benefits everyone: The Owner and Design Team see a final product that follows the spirit of the original vision, the subcontractors get in and out with no down time, increasing their profit margin and providing incentive to offer their services at lowest possible price, and the client knows exactly what the job will cost and precisely when it will be finished. If you have completed design plans ready for construction, contact us today to schedule a meeting.

    Call us at (812) 944-6529 or use our contact form. We will respond promptly to all inquiries.

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